oh hello

an update:

- struggling with pots
-t.a-ing at york in jan
-combination of pots and medications= ive lost 8 pounds!
- i am currently EXHAUSTED coz of pots. after being awake for 2 hours, i then feel like i havent sleptf or 3 days. but i desperately need to lift weights to try and maintain my muscles tone with all the down time i log care of pots-
- my best friends have left the country or are in rehab, so life is lonelyyyyy at the moment
blah blah blah
need to go lie down/ workout

Flash mob! Dancing! Be part of something amazing!

We’re making history in TORONTO at Harbourfront Queen’s Quay Terminal Sunday November 22 2-5pm.
Oprah did it…The Sound of Music did it…now we’re doing it to launch a grassroots movement to inspire, uplift and unite 1,000,000 amazing women around the world, in honor of the MEMORY of an amazing friend! You can find more info about the campaign at and

Please join us and bring along as many of your friends & relatives as you can round up. There will be lots of media coverage and the chance to be part of a global video for YouTube.
Please confirm attendance by emailing back before Thurs, November 19th:

A sample of what we’ll be doing can be found in the link attached.

Please hold these 2 dates:
Rehearsal Saturday, November 21 (between 3-9pm) at
700 Kipling Avenue, Toronto M82 2G3 416-503-1600
(corner of N. Queen and Kipling Ave)

Shoot Sunday, November 22 2-5pm at
207 Queen’s Quay West Toronto M5J 1A7 416-203-0510
How to get there.
By Car:
Take Yonge St exit from Gardiner Expressway.
Parking located on west side of the buiding and across the street.
Take LRT from Union or Spadina Station to the York Street stop.

This is a great way to honour and celebrate the amazing women in your life, and call attention to a fantastic campaign.

Hope to see you there, and please spread the word to your friends and family!! You can also check out the facebook group, One Million Amazing Women.

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it was a kind of so-so love
and i'm gonna make sure it never happens again
you and i, it had to be the standing joke of the year.

I never knew you, you never knew me
Say hello, wave goodbye

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i just spent an hour writing letters on behalf on animal rights organizations.
sometimes ( times like these) i am really tempted to just give up the path i'm on, and just work for an animal rights organization.
there is this innocence about animals that is so beautiful, an intelligence that is so surprising and wonderful. I really can't believe that people eat these beautiful creatures. I dont mean that in a bitchy obnoxious way at all- i would never tell someone what to eat or anything. I'm just saying, when I look at an animal and i see so much beauty, i really can't believe that someone else wouldn't see that.

okay. time for bed.

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i forgot 2morrow was a ublic holiday.
that means: go to work w/ ryan at 5am- get 3 hrs of sleep
or walk to work at around 6- get 5 hrs.
buh. so lame but i need 5 hrs.
this month i resolve to: take more of an interest in kalyn's life so as to be a better friend.
read a book.

i am so fucking tired. havent slet more than 2 hrs a nite for a couple days. buhhhhh